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Friday, 24 February 2012

Felty Slipper Fun!

I have had so much fun with my felt group over the last couple of months.

We have been making all manner of things. Here are a few examples of the recent slipper workshops.

I just love these colour combination, it was really touch and go whether I would allow Jodie to take these home!
Teresa was working very hard, she isn't going to wear these. She has made a smaller pair that she is going to frame and put on the wall. We are looking forward to seeing the final version, bet they'll be lovely. I know this because I have seen them without the netting and all rolled.

So many different styles...although from these pictures it looks like blue and purple were the hot favourite colours.

These are just lovely, lots of hard work went into these.

Beautiful details added by Prue. These are fabulous. Prue soled her slippers by recycling the sole of an old pair and stitching them onto the bottom. Must get a picture for you...I was too busy being impressed with the detailing ion the top.

And Jane's...she is have a 'ball' moment. All part of her grand plan which I hope to share with you when she has finished may be some time.

These are the soles I tend to use. I get them from Get Knitted in Bristol. This link should take you to them.

It was great fun doing this class, we opted for using 2 resists and making individual slippers. A long day for everyone but lovely results.

Finished Batik

Alice is really proud of this piece she made for Granny's birthday.

She really enjoyed the process and worked so hard on it. We are definitely going to try more projects from Suzy's Artsy Craft Sitcom

And....good news....Granny loved it!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Batik With Crayons

I saw an article on Suzy's Artsy-Crafty Sitcom when looking for craft activities with children. I thought that it looked like great fun and have had it on my list waiting for a suitable opportunity.

We have a family celebration coming and I showed the images to my daughter who said "Yes". How excited was I? The perfect opportunity to play with crayons and Batik!

Part 1.

We decided to do a simple drawing that we would copy using the wax. When we read Susy's comments they mention the wax goes solid quite quickly, I also thought that if A knew what she wanted to do on the fabric this would help. We prepared the table putting tinfoil under the fabric (so it doesn't end up sticking to the table). Then we taped everything in place , so it didn't move about. 

We grabbed the crayon box, selected the colours and broke them into a muffin tray. (I didn't read the bit about using tin pudding cases and keeping them warm in a bath of hot water until I had already heated these up! Note to self- read all instructions before getting over excited). The crayons were melted in a really hot oven - 230 degrees, it doesn't take long. You have to keep and eye on them or the wax really starts to smoke (and smell). 

A. started the painting. We had to have several breaks to re-heat the crayons. We ran out of a few colours and had to scramble around for more crayons. We also noticed that the thicker the wax gets the more you use when painting, so it pays to keep the wax thinner by keeping it warm.

Close up of the finished painting.
The next steps....

add dye, allow to dry and iron out the wax.... fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Many felt things...

I have been quiet on the blog but not with my felt making...

It's been great fun. I 've been working with friends, with new felters, with experienced felters, with children and on my own.

Cobweb Scarf Workshops

There have been cobweb workshops. These two are smiling...not bad considering how tired they are...hee hee. Mind you I did keep running round with biscuits (I think I may have eaten most of them!)

 Alpaca Experiments

I haven't really worked with alpaca before, this was my first cobweb scarf using some dyed alpaca from Alandale Alpaca.   I just love it, so soft , just lush!

Pre-School Children and Felt Making Workshops

There have been workshops with pre-school children...I love this butterfly. Looks great on her backpack!

Beginner Bag Workshops.

Great fun and fantastic results from people who have never felted before.

Primary School Felt Making Workshops

 I just love these workshops. I love the way they refer to me as 'The Felt Lady'. I love how they look at you when you show them what they can make and I love it when they kiss their creatures good night after a long day! Just priceless.

What a fantastic effort from these children. I just love everything they did. I hope you do to.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Small Boy and Weddings!

My lovely cousin got married to an equally lovely bride...Congratulations Chris and Becky!

 It was the most fabulous day, although I think small children always find these services long. The wedding photograher captured my son's mood perfectly.

Makes you proud!?!?!  I love the way he is concentrating on the bride and groom down at the alter..tee hee.

Fantastic pictures were taken, if anyone in Yorkshire needs a photographer- S6photograghy.

Butterfly World Project Craft Sessions

I have had lots of fun over the last couple of weeks, divising a craft session for local children at Butterfly World Project. We have had a couple of sessions and over 100 children have gone home with butterflies. My friend Claire came and worked alongside me as my 'helpful' assistant.

Getting ready

Mum's, Dad's, Granny's, Grandad's all helped their children have fun, get wet and go home with a butterfly each.

Colour co-ordinated butterfly.

It was really busy, great fun...although Claire and I could have done with a little more coffee and cake to keep us going! We will plan that in next time. The best bit was getting to see the children's faces when their butterflies were finished and they were taking them home.

A few of the finished butterflies.
We are back in the Easter holidays and looking forward to seeing more butterfly makers!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Workspace.

My OH has a proper, grown up job that doesn't involve fibre in any way....however, at the weekend he transforms into a stone carver and has needed a space to work in for some time. He has been stuck at the bottom of the garden all summer - next to the compost...not ideal, I'm sure you'll agree.

We have been toying with the idea that he needs a proper space to work in...and after tearing down the old shed he ordered a small Dutch Barn (glorified shed) and started building, lining walls, putting up shelves etc. Here are the children...being helpful!

They are testing out the top shelf to make sure they don't fall down under the weight of the sculptures!