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Monday, 26 September 2011

Ashridge- Chiltern Country Fair

What a joy, this is such an amazing place if you like the outdoors.
It was a real privilege to come here and be part of the Chilterns Country Fair, fantastic venue, as stall holders we were really well looked after. I met up with some people I enjoy spending time with- a great day!

There were a complete mix of craft people, as well as local flapjack makers and wine makers- both of which I've sampled and can recommend.


Then we had the more unusual....Ferret Man (with ferret racing) and Wild Men (cooking bread rolls with children on open fires).


This was my first big outdoor fair and I loved it. I was really pleased with how
everything looked, it made all the late nights and friends coming over and helping really worthwhile.
I had been really busy making and trying to make sure that I gave a broad view of what we could do with fibres. It's always really fascinating watching the faces of people when you show them the raw materials and then they see what can be made with it. I think this has to be the favourite bit for me.

There were lots of orders and lots of interest in the workshops, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

I had this smile all day.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wedding Shawls- Done!

I have loved every minute of making these. I loved working with Lisa (the Bride, in Australia- via email),  the dyeing, colour mixing, testing, making the prototypes and working out all the design aspects ...last week they were packaged and posted, today they got there.

Wedding Shawls for Bridesmaids

We deliberately made something that would pick up from all the colours from the bridesmaids dresses, but also that would be a lovely gift that they can have as a keepsake for many years to come. I hope they enjoy wearing these as much as I enjoyed making them.

Plum, purple, blue, green, teal.

Can you see all the rivers of silk, they remind me of the waterfall I saw in a picture of the Blue Mountains where the wedding will be held.

Wishing L&L a fabulous day!

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I am writing this post for myself, I am not including photographs because quite frankly I am embarrassed ;-)

I cannot see the floor or table in my studio. There are piles of fibre everywhere, templates everywhere, I have lost 4 cups and a notebook.

I have been working like mad, in a space that is getting smaller and smaller, fibre is crawling up all around me - soon I will be in a fibre cave.

I think I need to tidy up

...and then start again....