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Monday, 7 November 2011

Small Boy and Weddings!

My lovely cousin got married to an equally lovely bride...Congratulations Chris and Becky!

 It was the most fabulous day, although I think small children always find these services long. The wedding photograher captured my son's mood perfectly.

Makes you proud!?!?!  I love the way he is concentrating on the bride and groom down at the alter..tee hee.

Fantastic pictures were taken, if anyone in Yorkshire needs a photographer- S6photograghy.

Butterfly World Project Craft Sessions

I have had lots of fun over the last couple of weeks, divising a craft session for local children at Butterfly World Project. We have had a couple of sessions and over 100 children have gone home with butterflies. My friend Claire came and worked alongside me as my 'helpful' assistant.

Getting ready

Mum's, Dad's, Granny's, Grandad's all helped their children have fun, get wet and go home with a butterfly each.

Colour co-ordinated butterfly.

It was really busy, great fun...although Claire and I could have done with a little more coffee and cake to keep us going! We will plan that in next time. The best bit was getting to see the children's faces when their butterflies were finished and they were taking them home.

A few of the finished butterflies.
We are back in the Easter holidays and looking forward to seeing more butterfly makers!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Workspace.

My OH has a proper, grown up job that doesn't involve fibre in any way....however, at the weekend he transforms into a stone carver and has needed a space to work in for some time. He has been stuck at the bottom of the garden all summer - next to the compost...not ideal, I'm sure you'll agree.

We have been toying with the idea that he needs a proper space to work in...and after tearing down the old shed he ordered a small Dutch Barn (glorified shed) and started building, lining walls, putting up shelves etc. Here are the children...being helpful!

They are testing out the top shelf to make sure they don't fall down under the weight of the sculptures!