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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Many felt things...

I have been quiet on the blog but not with my felt making...

It's been great fun. I 've been working with friends, with new felters, with experienced felters, with children and on my own.

Cobweb Scarf Workshops

There have been cobweb workshops. These two are smiling...not bad considering how tired they are...hee hee. Mind you I did keep running round with biscuits (I think I may have eaten most of them!)

 Alpaca Experiments

I haven't really worked with alpaca before, this was my first cobweb scarf using some dyed alpaca from Alandale Alpaca.   I just love it, so soft , just lush!

Pre-School Children and Felt Making Workshops

There have been workshops with pre-school children...I love this butterfly. Looks great on her backpack!

Beginner Bag Workshops.

Great fun and fantastic results from people who have never felted before.

Primary School Felt Making Workshops

 I just love these workshops. I love the way they refer to me as 'The Felt Lady'. I love how they look at you when you show them what they can make and I love it when they kiss their creatures good night after a long day! Just priceless.

What a fantastic effort from these children. I just love everything they did. I hope you do to.